Lyris Listmanager 10.2d released

Lyris has updated Listmanager. The updated version 10.2d has a build date of March 1, 2010.

Lyris does not use their own product. When Lyris updates their list management software, they post it to their website but don’t offer an email list to inform their customers. Customers only find out about updates and patches by visiting the downloads webpage at This is very strange.

Lyris also does not publish release notes with their updates. To find the changelog for a build, Lyris administrators must first unpack and install the update, and then they can open and read changes.txt in the program-files folder. This makes it impossible to predict if you need an update, without first installing the update.

For the convenience of other Listmanager admins I’m posting the changelog for 10.2d MSSQL here: changes.txt

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